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FAQs: Anaheim Personal Injury Cases

Answering Your Questions: Injury Cases in Anaheim

Why do I need a lawyer?

Insurance companies can be very difficult to deal with and have many strategies they employ to reduce claims. A common one is to contact an injured victim early and discuss their case and try to gain access to their medical records. This is a dangerous situation for the injured, as they may even still be suffering, be on pain medication for their injuries, and a "friendly" insurance adjuster may then advise them that they don't need an attorney. These are all efforts to avoid paying out a high compensation amount; it is strongly advised that you never discuss your case or allow access to your medical records until you have legal representation from an Anaheim personal injury lawyer from our firm to protect your rights and manage your case. Those who engage the services of an Anaheim personal injury attorney from Accident Lawyers are much more likely to get a fair settlement, usually considerably higher than if they had tried to resolve it on their own, even after fees.

How much does your firm charge?

The advantage to our services is that if we don't win, you don't owe anything. We take on cases on a contingency basis, allowing the injured victim to get high quality legal representation without a big outlay of cash. Our payment is a reasonable percentage of the final settlement. We can also help you with medical care and treatment by referring you to high quality providers that will tend to your injuries and accept payment after your settlement.

What types of injury cases does Accident Lawyers represent?

We provide high quality, dedicated legal services to clients in all types of personal injury cases including those related to a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, medical malpractice, birth injury, premises liability, wrongful death, defective products, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or workers' compensation cases. Serious injury cases require immediate and zealous advocacy and you can be assured that our firm stands unwavering in demanding fair and full compensation for our seriously injured clients.

Contact an Anaheim personal injury attorney from our firm to get your questions answered about your case, potential compensation, settlements and how to proceed.


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